Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Belated Christmas!

   I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday (if you celebrate something else, I hope it was wonderful too). This was my first time to celebrate Christmas in Japan, and I'm thankful it turned out wonderfully. My mom has been in town, and it's was great to have been able to celebrate with her. Only my siblings could have made it a better day, but we had to settle for skype. With my mother here, real life has overtaken my internet life, and my time with her is too short to want to spend much of it blogging.

   December has definitely been a whirlwind of activity. A coworker told me that teachers usually call December by it's traditional name in Japanese, しわす(shiwasu), which has the same kanji as teacher and to run. She said that December is such a crazy busy time especially for those in education, that it's like they're always running. I could only agree with her when I saw how busy my schedule was, and how much busier my other Japanese coworkers were. Between the last classes of the semester, going to Korea with friends, and then having my mom visit, I'm not relaxing much, but I'm enjoying it for the most part.

   So where ever you and whatever you celebrate, I hope your holidays have been full of happiness.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Some things are more important than blogging. Like making memories. :) The blog will be here when you get back. ;)