Monday, February 3, 2014

Cafe Cafe Cafe

   For my birthday last year, I got to do what I like to do the most. I dragged Josh around to cafes and an art exhibit. Fortunately Josh is a pretty good sport and enjoys cafe hopping almost as much as I do, but secretly. Unfortunately where I live is lacking in the cafe department. There are a few great ones but they're all at least a 20 minute walk away. Even traveling into Osaka doesn't help much as the cafe culture is not as developed as Kobe's, Kyoto's, or Tokyo's. I usually have to make due with Starbucks or another various chain coffee shop. I had been wanting to try the slightly infamous TRUCK's bird cafe, but since it was over an hour and half away in an obscure party of the city, I've held off on going for the last few years. When I found out that one of my favorite florists would be hosting an exhibit along with a fantastic Kinfolk photographer, I knew the time had finally come to go. 

   The day got off to a rough start when Google maps took us to a completely wrong location. Not just a little wrong, we were in the wrong part of the city on the wrong train line. Around the time it started raining, it crossed my mind to give up but the discovery of an adorable cafe soothed all frustrations. Cafe Noto is a great place to grab coffee, lunch, or dessert if you ever find yourself near Tamatsukuri station in Osaka City. I'm genuinely sad this place is a bit too out of the way for us to go to more often. You can choose your blend of coffee and how you want it prepared. I can't remember the blend, but I got an aeropressed cup of heaven. Josh's iced coffee served in a mason jar with a straw was worth going back for. Not to mention I was ready to redecorate my entire apartment to look like that place.  

   After finding the will to press on, we finally managed to find TRUCK and bird. The Overgrowth Exhibit by Erba Florals was in a beautiful showroom run by very kind people. The pictures were gorgeous, but I kind of enjoyed the floral arrangements and plants scattered all over the room the best. I really wish I could have made it out to their workshop. After a quick browse through TRUCK's furniture showroom, we sat down to lunch at Bird. I got a Bacon and Avocado sandwich which was ok to be honest. Josh's croque madame was great though and the sangrias we got were the best I've had in Japan. I would really love to come back again early enough to catch their lunch specials which sounded fantastic or late enough to do dinner. I still need to try their coffee. It's exactly the kind of place that makes you want to curl up with a book or pen a novel. 

   I keep dreaming of a day where we might move and I get to be closer to these things. It'll probably never happen, but a girl can hope right?

Cafe Noto
Address: 大阪府大阪市中央区上町1-6-4
Phone: 06-4304-2630

Bird Coffee
Address: 538-0054 大阪市鶴見区緑4-1-16 
Phone: 06-6958-1616


  1. Oh, how I miss Bird Coffee! I used to go there weekly in the months before I left Osaka. They used to have a Turkish sandwich, which was amazing- wonder if it's still on the menu. Glad you went there!

  2. Been reading your blog for a while...but haven't commented yet. :) I am surprised you mentioned that Kobe's cafe culture is better than Osaka! I've been living in Kobe for a bit over 6 months and haven't found a cafe yet that I'm gaga for. Although I must I am spoiled after living in Korea for over 3 years where there is an awesome cafe every other shop.

    Which cafes do you like here? Let me know if you want to know about some of my favorites in Osaka.