Sunday, February 9, 2014

Music Help

   I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but after living here for 2.5 years I still know very little about Japanese music, television shows, or movies. When you initially search for Japanese music, it's really hard to find anything outside of AKB48 and Japanese boy bands. I don't actually know if good plus Japanese television show can exist in the same sentence and besides studio ghibli movies and a few other animes I can't find much in the way of movies either. Talking to friends, I think this may be an area that's really hindering my Japanese level because almost everything I input outside of work is in English. 

   So friends who are in the know, please give me any recommendations you have on these things! I'm not stuck in a genre when it comes to music I like or movies. I've got a few bands that I really like from here such as Mongol800 and Happy End, but I definitely need to expand. Help me! 

If you suggest this or any other Johnny's bands, we will not be friends anymore. 


  1. The only Japanese band I like - The Bawdies. I went to their concert without knowing who they were and ended up loving them. Could be due to the memories though.

  2. Oddly enough, most of the Japanese bands I listen to sing in English lol. Kinda defeats the purpose, but if you are into hard rock and wouldn't mind listening to a Japanese band that sings English and sounds amazing, I definitely recommend Coldrain. They are my favorite band and are definitely underrated despite how amazing they sound.

    As for Japanese artists/bands that actually sing in Japanese. I really enjoy Quruli, Mr. Children, and M-FLO. I definitely recommend "The Rose Flower" and "Highway" these two are my favorites from Quruli. With Mr. Children, my favorites are "Tabidachi no Uta" and "Pieces". M-FLO is more of techno/rap not sure if you're into that or just want to try it out, but if you are interested in checking it out I often listen to "All I Want is You", "Miss You", and "Alive". There are other artists I like, but those are the ones I often have their songs on repeat :]

    As for movies...the famous Battle Royale is a good choice of action/horror. GO is a good movie I like, has to deal with a Korean Japanese teen and his life in Japan and him falling in love with a Japanese girl. A ridiculously stupid but funny movie is Drop I enjoyed it but it might not be some people's cup of tea. Some sad romance movies are Koizora (introduced me to Mr. Children) and My Rainy Days.

    Hope you find something you like in the stuff I listed, find new music is always hard. Good luck! :]

  3. Oh, also forgot about the famous BLUE HEARTS, you should definitely check out "Linda Linda" if you don't know that song already ^-^ sorry for writing so much btw lol

  4. Japanese music: no idea...
    Japanese films: I recently watched 'Aruite mo Aruite mo' which was a touching family drama I guess some people might find it a bit slow though! By the same director is 'Soshite chichi ni naru' you have probably seen the posters all over the place. I haven't watched it but have heard it is very good. Also I really like 'Nada so so' which is good if you like films which make you cry. But of course Studio Ghibli reigns supreme

  5. Amazarashi, School food punishment, Spangle Call Lili Line, Galileo Galilei, Supercell (the latest LP). That's for pop/indie rock bands; Japan is known for its post-rock bands like Mono or toe, but these are purely instrumental and apparently not what you are looking for.

  6. Oh, sorry, I forgot — Spangle Call Lilli Line sing in a nonexistent language, something that resembles a mix of Japanese and English. But still, they are amazing, so maybe you should give it a try after all.

  7. I can make a mix of good Japanese music I think you'll like.

    If you want I can upload it for you on youtube or something.